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A Mission that Galvanizes – Live 8


Live 8: A Mission that Galvanizes a Team can help make the Impossible Happen.

2 July 2005
9 Concerts
1,000 Artists
2,000,000 Spectators
3,000,000,000 viewers
1 message
Nine Markets...London, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Chiba, Johannesburg, Barrie, Cornwall, and Edinburgh.

20th Anniversary of Live Aid

Team...Bob Geldof, Harvey Goldsmith, Kevin Wall, Susan and Dill Driscoll and many many others

Timing...Team pulled the event off in 8 weeks from idea to execution

Global Sponsor AOL

Most famous Artists...U2, Paul McCartney, Cold Play, Destiny's Child, The Who, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews Band, Keith Urban, Madonna, Elton John, Maroon Five, Kayne West, Sting, Jay-Z, Robbie Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Will Smith, Stevie Wonder, R.E.M., Duran Duran, Mariah Carey, Bonn Jovi, George Michael, Neil Young, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Alicia Keys, Shakira and many more.

ignition’s role was to produce all the activation at each venue. Signage, back stage activities and front of house activations.

Fred Porro lead a team from London which spread out across the globe to make it happen. It was a crazy eight weeks of non-stop work. On the day before the event, the executive producer Kevin Wall actually collapsed after the rehearsal from exhaustion.

The day of the show, we kicked it off from London and with the help of AOL, we lit up the world. The user base was so strong for AOL they could not initially handle all of the traffic. At the time, it was the largest streaming event ever held.

There are too many side stories to tell...but one special one was Faye Dunaway wanting to get back stage in London and actually searching out Dill to get there. The ironic thing here was Faye worked in Saranac Lake, NY (next town over from Lake Placid where Dill spent his high school and college years) before she was discovered, and Dill used to go to the Dew Drop Inn where she was a waitress and wished he had the guts to ask her out. That day in London, he actually introduced her to Madonna and Bill Gates back stage in Hyde Park!

One last London story was Ricky Martin, not known in US at the time, but he stole the show. He closed out Hyde Park, and it was the most magical set Dill and Susan have ever witnessed. Over 80,000 fans singing from their hearts.

The message was heard – Make Poverty History. Two days later in Edinburgh, the G8 met and relieved over a billion dollars of African debt.

The lesson here is with a mission that galvanizes the team, anything is possible. No one believed we could pull this off, but boy did we pull this event off and make a difference in the world.

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